Wingstop Franchise Guide

Wingstop Franchise Guide | Sale, Cost, Fee [2024]

What is the Wingstop Franchise?

  • Wingstop Franchise: Chicken wings Fast Food
  • Franchising Since: 1997 from Dallas, Texas with Est Units: 1,250
  • Average Expect Sales: $1.5m per store with 10% Total royalty Fees
  • Wingstop Franchise Inital Cost: $374,089 – $982,442
  • Requirements: 1M net worth and 600k Liquid Capital

Wingstop produced the idea of serving delicious buffalo-style chicken wings and sides and to serve quality products with superior service at an exceptional value. Now Wingstop has more than 450 restaurants open or under development in 26 states and continues to add new stores at a rate of almost 30 percent annually.

Wingstop is currently owned by Roark Capital Group, a private equity firm that acquired the company in 2010

Wingstop Franchise Opportunities

There are 2 wingstop franchise opportunities offered by Wingstop Franchise

Single-unit operators:

Operators should live in the market they seek to develop and have a minimum net worth of $1m of which $600,000 must be liquid capital.

Multi-unit developers:

Must have liquidity totaling $100,000 per store and must have restaurant operations or development experience.

The following regions/states exist with Franchises: Asia, Middle East, Mexico, South America, Western Europe

Above 600 franchise units in the U.S. and 28 international locations, as of 2014 and thus now also has a huge Wingstop Franchise Business Opportunities.

Wingstop is a profitable high-investment franchise opportunity. The Wingstop franchise failure rate is low, and the payback period is 3 years on average. There has been high growth in the number of Wingstop franchises that have been opening in the past few years.

A Wingstop franchise owner can expect an average Sales $1.5 Million a year. Depending on variable factors like locations, staff and business costs

Wingstop franchise owner earns an average annual salary of around $199,000, resulting in an average profit margin of approximately 15%

Wingstop website

Pros & Cons Of Wingstop Franchise

Pros Of Wingstop Franchise

  • Offers territory protection.
  • Provide comprehensive training and support.
  • Highly profitable.
  • Menu that stands out.
  • International presence.

Cons Of Wingstop Franchise

  • High royalty-fee –
  • No direct financing options.
  • High competition.
  • High-cost investment.

Wingstop Franchise Cost

How much does wingstop franchise cost:

Wingstop Franchise Inital Cost
Development Fee$10,000$10,000
Franchise Fee$20,000$20,000
Security Deposits$0$10,000
Site Survey Fees$2,500$2,500
Architectural/Engineering Fees$6,600$25,350
Permit Expeditor Fees$1,200$2,500
Professional Fees$1,500$4,000
Leasehold Improvements$142,669$422,062
Business and Operating Permits$3,000$5,500
Décor Package$7,500$10,925
Furniture, Fixtures, Audio/Visual System, Equipment and Smallwares$106,395$135,790
Point-of-Sale Register, Hardware and Software$22,500$30,500
Phone System$1,725$2,000
Opening Inventory$10,000$15,000
Opening Publicity and Promotions$5,000$15,000
Additional Funds – 3 months$25,000$35,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL (excludes real estate purchase and lease costs)$374,089$982,442

Wingstop Franchise Cost/Other Fee

Type of FeeAmount
Royalty6% of Gross Sales.
Ad Fund4% of Gross Sales.
Ad Customization FeeReasonable charge.
Local Advertising and Promotional MaterialsAt least 1% of quarterly Gross Sales.
InsuranceAs provided in the Operations Manual.
National Gift Card Program ChargesApproximately 10% of value of Wingstop gift cards issued/sold by third-party retailers (i.e., not by Wingstop Restaurants)
IndemnificationUnlimited (but depends on the nature of the claim).
Audit FeesCost of audit, including auditor’s travel, meals, and lodging expenses (depends on the extent of the franchisee’s noncompliance and cooperation with the franchisor).
Non-Reporting Fee$250
Interest/Late ChargesInterest in past-due obligations to the franchisor and its affiliates at the highest commercial contract interest rate the law permits.
Transfer Fees$10,000
Renewal Fee25% of the sum of the then-current development fee and franchise fee (that currently would equal $7,500); If franchisees renew their franchise for a 2nd 10-year renewal term (after the first 10-year renewal term ends), they must pay 50% of the sum of the then-current development fee and franchise fee (that currently would equal $15,000).
Website Maintenance Fee$25 initial set up cost/up to $50 per month.
Intranet Maintenance and Development FeeUp to $50 per month.
Operations Manual(s) Training Materials Replacement Charge$35 for recipe guide, $5 for spec sheets plus shipping costs.
Annual Convention Attendance ChargeCurrently $500 per attendee.
Product and Service PurchasesVaries depending on products and services franchisees buy from the franchisor or its affiliates.
Attorneys’ Fees and CostsWill vary under circumstances and depend on the nature of the franchisee’s non-compliance.
Liquidated DamagesSee FDD.
Supplemental Training/AssistanceUp to $1,000 per trainer, plus out-of-pocket costs.
Tax ReimbursementOut-of-pocket cost reimbursement.
Transfer Marketing Expenditure$2,500 – $7,500

Wingstop Franchise Requirements

What are the wingstop franchise for sale requirements?

Single franchisees should live in the market they seek to develop and have a minimum net worth of $1m of which $600,000 must be liquid capital.

Muilt-Store franchisees must have liquidity totaling $100,000 per store and must have restaurant operations or development experience.

Wingstop Franchise Support

As a Wingstop franchisee, you and your general manager will participate in an intensive three-week orientation at the Wingstop corporate offices in Dallas. You will receive training and simulation in which you run a store as if it were your own.

Additional areas of support include:

  • Real Design and Construction
  • Pre-opening
  • Daily support

Wingstop Franchise Contact:

Application form for Wingstop Franchise:

Wingstop Franchise FAQs

Wingstop Franchise Inital Cost: $374,089 – $982,442

Royalty 6% of Gross Sales. Ad Fund 4% of Gross Sales.

Minimum net worth of $1m of which $600,000 must be liquid capital

Wingstop Franchise Guide

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