Tim Hortons Franchise | Sale, Cost, Fee.

Start to Tim Hortons franchise in your location. In this article, You will get all details about How to sale, Cost, Opportunity, etc.

The Tim Hortons is the biggest food chain in coffee. It was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. Tim Hortons is always focused on the best quality, fresh product, value, and great service with community leaders to grow into the largest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada.

Tim Hortons especially serve Special blend in cans, hot chocolates, English Toffee and French Vanilla cappuccinos. So Customers can also enjoy the taste of this great products at homes

In addition, Tim Hortons stores are found in the shopping mall, highway outlets, universities and hospitals providing great visibility service for this chain. This chain is Offer 24-Hour services and catering to consumers. customers get a combo unit of Tim Hortons and Wendy’s restaurant under one roof.

#1. Tim Hortons Franchise Opportunities

What are the Tim Hortons Franchise Opportunities The Tim Hortons is one of the world’s 100 most beloved brands, with over 5,000 units in Canada and 900 units in the United States. It has a rare opportunity to purchase Tim Hortons Franchise to established in the midwest.

Tim Hortons company is only providing their franchise those who are good qualified. The buyer’s qualification will create the availability of opportunities to develop growth. This is a great and truly unique opportunity, for a well known fast-food franchise system to have territory available.

#2. Tim Hortons Franchise Cost

To Start Tim Hortons franchise, the estimated Tim Hortons Franchise Cost investment approx. $299,550 to $2,046,300

  1. Investment Cost:
Estimated Investment cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$15,000$50,000
Land Taxes and Common Area Maintenance Charges$1,000$22,000
Equipment Cost$75,000$415,000
Real Estate CostVaries
Planning, Development and Design Costs$17,500$100,000
Site Development Costs$0$500,000
Building Costs$150,000$800,000
Training Fee$7,900$11,800
Start-up Supplies and Initial Inventory Fee$1,000$30,000
Professional and License Fees$1,500$10,000
Development Assistance Fees$5,000$25,000
Insurance Cost$150$21,500
Initial Advertising and Promotion Cost$500$6,000
Security Deposits Cost$0$15,000
Additional Funds Cost$25,000$40,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$299,550$2,046,300
  1. Other fee for Franchise:
Type of FeeAmount
Royalty4.5% – 6% of Gross Sales
Advertising Contributions4% of Gross Sales.
Audit by Tim HortonsCosts of audit plus interest.
Additional TrainingCost for transportation, food, and lodging, as well as a materials fee. The materials fee will not exceed $1,000
Transfer Fee5% of the full purchase price.
IndemnificationWill vary with circumstances.
TaxesAmount imposed by federal, state, and local tax authorities on any fees or other amounts payable by the franchisee to the franchisor
Maintaining Shop premises in Good RepairVaries.
Refurbishing RestaurantVaries.
Lease for Shop PremisesVaries, but between 7% to 8.5% of Gross Sales for a Standard Shop; and up to 13% for Non-Standard Shops/Kiosks. Must also pay through charges such as CAM, insurance, property taxes, and the franchisor’s administrative expenses of billing.
Reorganization of the Franchisee’s BusinessThe franchisor’s reasonable legal and administrative expenses incurred in processing changes resulting from the reorganization of the franchisee’s business structure.
Smart Store Charges$200 to $500 per month
Approving Suppliers Requested by FranchiseeVaries.
Inspection Costs and ExpensesVaries.
Products, Supplies, EquipmentVaries
Tim Horton Children’s FoundationVaries
Background Check Fee $280 – $15,000 

#3. Tim Hortons Franchise For Sale

Here is Tim Hortons Franchise For Sale

  1. Ensure you have sufficient capitalization: Ensuring you should have more than $700,000
  2. Appreciate the investment required for a franchise: you will appreciate considering to real estate costs, equipment and sign cost, cost for licenses and permits, uniform and insurance costs, etc.
  3. Evaluate your prior experience and strengths: You should evaluate your prior business experience before applying to become a Tim Hortons franchise owner.
  4. Availability Of Market: You should need to look for availability of market for Franchise of Tim Hortons, if there is a market then you can apply for this.
  5. Submit your application: Your application request will be received by the Tim Hortons team, then they will emailed you confirmation receipt upon reception of your online application. Wher they will provide contact details of the franchise owner.
  6. Receive approval: Once your financial and background is checks, then you will receive franchise approval. also, approval will only be given to candidates who meet all requirements of the franchise owner.

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