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The Sky Zone Franchise Group is LLC type franchise. The franchisor offers franchises to work Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Parks that offer all trampoline walled Playing Fields to be utilized for sports, wellness and recreational exercises, just as other family entertainment attractions that franchisor assigns or approves.

Sky Mania Fun Center opened in Las Vegas, In 2004. The name was later changed to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park and the organization started franchising in 2009. Every area offers a trampoline-lined playing court where people can seek stroll in “open bounce” times just as gatherings, dodgeball competitions, wellness classes, and different occasions.

Since its dispatch in 2004 in the Las Vegas Valley, Sky Zone has extended to 17 states and 3 areas, with plans for areas in extra states and territories. In 2013, Sky Zone announced a master franchise permit with Strike Bowling Bar to fabricate 10 stops in Australia just as future stops in New Zealand.

#1. Is Sky Zone Franchise Profitable?

Are you thinking about is Sky Zone franchise profitable? So yes you thing to right way Sky zone franchise more profitable than other franchises.

First on the scene and best in quite a while class, Sky Zone made the world’s first one end to the other jumping centre in 2004, bringing solid, high-flying enjoyable to individuals over the globe. Presently you can be a piece of this universal sensation. Perceive how wellness, stimulation, and intelligent innovation make a powerhouse of an opportunity.

We’re the originators of one end to the other aerial activity, and we never stop. We’re continually attempting to develop epic better approaches to play, assemble, and contend. The best way to grow to come experience it. So it is the best platform to success.

#2. Sky Zone Franchise Cost

You will get all details about Sky Zone franchise cost given below:

  • Initial Investment:$1,300,829 – $2,765,428
  • Net-worth Requirement:$1,800,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement:$500,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000 – $60,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee:6%

1.   Investment Cost:

Estimated Investment Cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$60,000$60,000
Lease & Security Deposits$21,000$47,250
Leasehold Improvements/Architect$448,800$633,000
Playing Fields$427,195$452,423
Computer Software License and Hardware$26,104$42,864
Equipment and Supplies$122,963$124,516
Licenses, Dues, Utility Deposits, etc.$3,000$6,000
Travel Expenses/Pre-Opening Salaries$28,535$32,535
Professional Fees$4,000$12,000
Insurance Deposit$15,500$16,300
Additional Funds – 3 months$40,000$80,000
Grand Opening Advertising$25,000$25,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$1,300,829$1,621.526

Other Fee/Cost

Type of FeeAmount
Royalty Fee6% of Gross Sales.
Advertising FeeCurrently, 2% of Gross Sales.
Online Marketing Tool Advertising FeeThen-current fee charged by the franchisor’s approved or designated supplier. Currently, $20 per month per user.
Extension FeeThe then current Initial Franchise Fee.
Transfer Fee Under Franchise Agreement50% of the then current Initial Franchise Fee.
Successor Fee Under the Franchise Agreement25% of the then current Initial Franchise Fee.
Additional TrainingCurrently, the franchisor reserves the right to charge $500 per day.
Additional AssistanceCurrently, the franchisor reserves the right to charge $500 per day.
AuditThe franchisor’s costs and expenses of the audit, including salaries, professional fees, travel, meals and lodging, plus any understated amount with interest.
Interest on Late PaymentsLesser of 18% annually or maximum legal rate the franchisor is able to charge (e.g., based on where the Park is located) subject to applicable laws.
Non-Compliance Fee$250 for each day you remain out of compliance.
$2,500 per violation for failure
Testing for Alternate Supplier ApprovalNot more than the genuine expense of the test.
Product Purchases and Installation of Playing FieldsVaries on the products ordered (e.g., Playing Fields balls, stickers, wristbands and SkySocks).
Inspection and Compliance Reimbursement The franchisor’s actual costs, including travel, meals and hour wage expenses. 
Online POS-Related FeesThen-current fees charged by the franchisor’s approved supplier for point of sale (POS) system and related software.
Currently, the POS-related fees are transaction-based and are calculated as follows: $0.75 per transaction for the first 1,000 transactions, plus $0.50 per each additional transaction
Technology SuiteThen-current technology or license fee the franchisor charges in connection with the any Technology Suite it develops and/or designate for use in connection with the System
TaxesActual costs
Annual ConventionUp to $1,000 per person, plus expenses.
Space Planning FeeThen-current fee. Currently, $350 per floor plan
InsuranceCost of the premium plus a reasonable fee for the franchisor’s services in procuring the insurance.
IndemnificationAmount of the franchisor’s liabilities, fines, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees).
Attorneys’ Fees for Review of Park WaiversActual costs

#3. Sky Zone Franchise For Sale

Sky zone franchise for sale; The perfect candidate will have involvement with retail, accommodation, or other client support situated enterprises.

Tasks and the board experience are liked, however transferable ranges of abilities incorporate promoting, deals, and fund. Must have an enthusiasm for client assistance, first-rate visitor encounters, and dynamic excitement.

And also you have other inquiries and questions, so you can get details from the official homepage of Sky Zone franchise.

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