Sea Tow Franchise | Sale, Cost, Fee, Opportunities.

Sea Tow Franchise Year of Business Begin: 1983

Headquartered In: Southold N.Y

CEO and FOUNDER: Capt. Joseph Frohnhoefer

Sea Tow Franchises run an International marine assistance business Sea Tow is a way of life.

Sea tow basically means a 24/7  loyal commitment to do right by the recreational boating community and to make sure their safety and peace of mind on the water. Those who choose this lifestyle agree that purchasing a Sea Tow is the most difficult, but most rewarding, career they’ve ever had.

What makes common is that you become one of 700 captains and crew of the Sea Tow network who believe that any day spent on the water beats a day at the office.

#1. Sea Tow Franchise Opportunities

What are the sea tow franchise opportunities:

Sea Tow is identified as a leader in marine assistance, it does have 100 franchises all over the United States and Europe.

Captains are recognized on their professionalism and its signature yellow boats, it’s no wonder Sea Tow is the industry standard for non-emergency on-water assistance.

Running side by side with the U.S. Coast Guard on an emergency call, at the end of the day you know you’ve chosen a career that helps your fellow boaters

#2.  Sea Tow Franchise Cost

How much sea tow franchise cost. The capital of the business varies on Area Of Responsibility (AOR)

1)  Franchise Fee:  From $5,500 to $35,000

2)  Initial Start Up Investment: Between $125,000 and $275,000

3)  Liquid Capital: $50,000 

4)  Minimum Net Worth: $200,000 

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#3. Sea Tow Franchise for Sale

SeaTow Franchise for Sale Support System….

1)  New franchise training at corporate headquarters

2)  Annual meeting of corporate representatives and franchise owners

3)  Continuing education through regional conference calls, Webinars and hands-on training

4)  State-of-the-art membership software program

5)  24-hour customer service center and membership support teams

6)  National advertising and marketing support

7)  Regional advertising and marketing development

8)  Media relations training and support

9)  National Web site, hosted and maintained by STSI

10)  Lifelines member magazine

11)  Sea News electronic newsletter

12)  Secure Intranet and online discussion forum for franchise owners


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