Popeyes Franchise | Sale, Cost, Fee.

Popeyes Franchise Year Business Began: 1972

Franchising Since: 1976

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Estimated Number of Units: 3,105

It is a chain of fried chicken fast-food restaurants Internationally

Popeyes Franchise Restaurants serve not only fried chicken but also seafood, desserts, sides, and beverages.

#1. Popeyes Franchise Opportunities

What are the popeyes franchise opportunities?

Purchasing Popeyes Louisiana kitchen, you become an owner of a part of a successful and profitable brand loved by consumers expanded all over the world. 

It is continually known as one of the top franchise choices of both customers and franchisees.

Popeyes Chicken business opportunities have grown to 2,600 restaurants which serve not only fried chicken but also seafood, desserts, sides, and beverages. 

As in Foody Industry there is no end and as well the great expanding of Popeyes restaurants there are huge opportunities in the market for their Franchises.

#2. Popeyes Franchise Cost

How much does popeyes franchise cost?

Investment Tables:

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
Franchise Fee$50,000$50,000
Real Estate and ImprovementsVariable
Soft Costs$8,000$265,000
Site Work$0$650,000
FF&E Signage and Technology$165,000$485,000
Initial Training$17,200$24,200
Opening Supplies$11,500$23,000
Utility Deposits$2,500$50,000
Business licenses$300$600
Additional Funds (3 months)$20,000$30,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$383,500$2,620,800

The estimated initial popeyes franchise cost investment range covers from an In-Line Location size up to Free Standing Location size. The range doesn’t include real estate.

How Much Does A Popeyes Franchise Cost

Other Fees
Type of FeeAmount
Royalty5% of gross sales.
Advertising Fund Contribution4% of gross sales.
Advertising Co-opCurrently, 0.25% to 2.6% of Gross Sales as established by Local Advertising Co-op (in addition to Advertising Fund Contribution).
AuditCost of audit.
Costs and Attorneys’ FeesFranchisor’s costs and expenses.
Guest Recovery FeeVaries.
IndemnityThe losses and expenses the franchisor incurs.
Insurancereasonable administrative fee that the franchisor will set.
Interest on Overdue Payments1.5% per month or the maximum rate permitted by law, whichever is less.
Interest on Understated Sales1.5% per month or the maximum rate permitted by law, whichever is less.
Returned Payment Fee$35 per returned payment.
Product Testing, Inspections, and ApprovalCost of testing new products and inspecting new suppliers.
Renewal50% of the then-current, standard initial franchise fee.
Supplemental Term Option50% of the then-current, standard, initial franchise fee.
Securities Offering Review Fee $5,000 or a greater amount, if necessary, to reimburse the franchisor for its out-of-pocket costs and expenses in connection with reviewing the proposed securities offering. 
Trade Secret ProductsApproximately $3,000 initially; approximately $3,000 per month when in operation.
Transfer$5,000 – $7,500 depending upon the year of the Franchise Agreement being transferred.
Impact StudyAn amount up to $4,000 – $6,000 per study.
Background Check Fee$280 – $15,000
Training Platform Maintenance Fee $300 every six months 

#3. Popeyes Franchise for Sale

What are the popeyes franchise for sale Requirement?

Popeyes will require that you agree to open and handle the number of restaurant franchises determined reasonable for the territory.

1)      Solid business experience

2)      Proven expertise in owning or operating restaurants

3)      Previous franchise experience advantageous

4)      Net worth of $500,000 ($250,000 liquid) per restaurant

5)      Commitment to grow with Popeyes Business

Support System:

1)      Proven operational and marketing systems

2)      Dedicated regional operations and marketing support

3)      Proven local and regional advertising expertise

4)      Available multi-unit opportunities

5)      Management training programs

6)      Standardized and alternative restaurant design concepts including freestanding, endcap, in-line, malls, walk-up, contract food service, etc.

7)      Site selection, development, design and construction support

8)      Specialized and dedicated restaurant opening support and training.

Contact Number:

Call for Inquiry: 1.800.639.3780

Visit for Popeyes Franchise Contact: https://company.popeyes.com/contact/

Visit for More Info: https://company.popeyes.com/

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