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#1. Is Planet Fitness A Franchise Profitable?

Are you interested in Planet Fitness Franchise to start in your location? In this article, you get details about Franchise sale, cost, fee, opportunity, etc.

Planet Fitness is a chain of wellness focuses focused on new or infrequent exercisers. Marking itself a “judgment-free zone”, the rules to discourage hardcore bodybuilders from frequenting its foundations to make casual exercisers feel progressively good and less intimidated by genuine exercisers.

Planet Fitness organizations are wellness training provide for exercise machines and free weights, wellness training services, related services, and subordinate merchandise. The franchisor offers available to be sale Planet Fitness Franchise for new areas and for existing wellness facilities that need to change over to a Planet Fitness.

The Planet Fitness Franchisee must provide these services on a 24-hour daily premise except if denied by law or approved by the franchisor recorded as a hard copy.

Is planet fitness a franchise profitable? Planet Fitness Franchise is one of the biggest wellness US chains by various individuals and areas. They give a moderate, great wellness involvement with an inviting environment. Planet Fitness Franchise opportunities are demonstrated by 1,500 clubs effectively working around the world.

With the possibility to build our U.S. nearness to roughly 4,000 stores while simultaneously improving the part experience through in-store activities and brand associations, we accept the organization is all around situated to deliver proceeded with long term development and return more prominent profitable to investors in the years to come.

#2. Planet Fitness Franchise Cost

To start the Planet Fitness Franchise cost around $700,000 to $3.8 Million. The franchise also pays 5% royalty fee on all sale.

1. Planet Fitness Franchise cost:

Estimated Investment Cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$20,000$20,000
Site Selection Costs$1,000$10,000
Construction Development Plan Review Fee$0$4,000
Leasehold Improvements$680,000$1,694,000
Fitness Equipment$31,000$857,000
Non-Fitness Equipment$32,000$606,000
Pre-sale Marketing/Grand Opening Marketing$20,000$30,000
Exterior Signs$11,000$41,000
Computer System, Point of Sale System, and Other Supplies$12,000$25,000
Real Estate Lease Deposits$0$87,000
Other Deposits$0$46,500
Professional Fees$2,000$25,000
Franchisee’s Out-of-Pocket Initial Training Expenses$1,500$6,500
Additional Funds – six months$264,000$701,000
Estimated Total Planet Fitness Franchise cost$1,084,600$4,178,500

Other Fee/Cost

Type of FeeAmount
Royalty7% of the total gross monthly and annual membership fees payable to the franchisee via EFT Dues Draft
Interest18% (annualized) or the highest contract ROI permitted by law, whichever is lower.
Internet Membership and Balance Payment Administration FeeSet according to the franchisor’s Methods of Operation, presently $5 per membership application or balance payment the franchisor processes for the franchise location.
Administrative Fees Will vary under the circumstances. 
Refresher Training Workshops$500 to $1,500. Will vary under the circumstances.
Per Diem Fee$100 to $1,000. Will vary under the circumstances.
Re-Equip Costs$312,000 to $857,000
Remodel Costs$70,000 to $600,000
Fees to Evaluate and Approve Alternative SuppliersThe franchisor’s reasonable costs and expenses, which currently are expected to range between $1,500 and $5,000, although costs could greatly exceed those amounts depending on the product.
Vendor Payments Will vary under the circumstances. 
InsuranceWill vary under the circumstances.
National Advertising Fund Feethe total gross monthly EFT Dues Draft of 2 %
Local Advertising FeeGreater of $15,000 per month or 7% of the total gross monthly EFT Dues Draft.
Advertising Cooperative Fees Will vary under the circumstances. 
Special Marketing ProgramsVaries, total gross monthly EFT Dues Draft of 9 %
Auditing CostsThe franchisor’s actual costs, which may range from $3,000 to $15,000.
Franchise Agreement Transfer Fee$10,000, plus the franchisor’s reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, including external legal and administrative costs it incurs in connection with the transfer.
Securities Offering Fee $100,000, plus the franchisor’s reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, including external legal and administrative costs it incurs in connection with the offering. 
Area Development Agreement Transfer Fee$5,000, per location remaining to be developed, plus the franchisor’s reasonable external legal and administrative costs it incurs in connection with the transfer.
Relocation Fee$5,000
Construction Development Plan Review Fee$4,000
Successor Franchise FeeEqual to 50% of our then-current initial franchise fee, subject to a maximum fee of $40,000.
IndemnificationWill vary under the circumstances.
Administrative Third-Party Costs Will vary under circumstances. 
Costs and Attorney’s FeesActual costs. Will vary under circumstances.
Inspection & Compliance ReimbursementActual costs.
Cure Period Extension Fee (Franchise Agreement)2% of the total gross EFT Dues Draft.
Grace Period Fee (Area Development Agreement)$2,500

#3. Planet Fitness Franchise  For Sale

Are looking for Planet Fitness Franchise for sale, first, you should have to apply online method. Then your application will review by franchise representative.

If you want to more information check below link

Planet Fitness Franchise  Info:

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