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Join the molly maid franchise that Entrepreneur magazine has positioned No. 1 in the private cleaning industry. Our franchisees have been the way to making The Maids the quality chief in private cleaning, and thusly we offer them the possibility to become showbiz royalty!

Molly Maid’s repeat business, solid national brand acknowledgement, and straightforward plan of action present proprietors with an open door for high income, security, and an opportunity to make the most of their prosperity.

The essential spotlight at Molly Maid is on aiding our franchisees to meet and surpass their money related proficient and individual objectives.

#1. Molly Maid Franchise Opportunities

1.       Molly Maid Franchise Opportunities:

  • Start Your Business On The Road To Success: With The Maids, you’ll access world-class support, a ground-breaking brand, and a demonstrated viable operational framework.
  • We Help You Stay Efficient and Grow Your Business: With The Maids, you’ll access world-class support, an amazing brand, and a demonstrated successful operational framework.
  • Our Innovative Process Helps You Reach Your Business Goals: With The Maids, you’ll access world-class support, a ground-breaking brand, and a demonstrated viable operational framework.

1.       Also, it gives benefits:

  • Exceptional Incentives: Molly Maid is a VetFran and MinorityFran member. It offers 15 to 25 percent limits off the present establishment charge to qualified people, including decently released veterans.
  • Insignificant Accounting: No receivables with this one. Most customers pay in real money and checks, and you can decrease to take different types of installment to keep things basic.
  • Ms. Molly Foundation: Chartered in 1996, the Ms. Molly Foundation is a non-benefit association that helps exploited people and families influenced by abusive behavior at home

#2. Molly Maid Franchise Cost

1.   Molly Maid Franchise Cost:

Estimated Investment Cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$14,900$14,900
Territory Fee$45,000$65,000
Initial Package Fee$8,000$8,000
Auto Lease Deposit and 3 Months Lease Expense$3,000$5,500
Computer Hardware Package$2,000$4,000
Leasehold Improvements$1,000$5,000
Real Estate, Utility Deposits, and Three Months’ Rent$4,000$6,000
Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment$2,500$3,500
Permits and Licenses$100$1,000
Insurance Deposit and Three Months Insurance Expense$2,200$5,300
Training Expenses for Travel, Food, and Lodging$4,000$5,000
Additional Funds-3 Months$25,000$33,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$111,700$156,200

Other Fee/Cost

Type of FeeAmount
License Fee3 – 6.5% of gross sales except for “roll-in” sales. In addition, minimum license fees apply.
MAP FeeThe then-current fee. The current fee is $450 per month per Molly Maid Franchise agreement that the franchisee has entered into. 
Local Marketing$1 per Target Household Value per year; declines as Gross Sales increase, to a minimum of $0.15 per Target Household Value if criteria are met.
Internet Connection & Anti-Virus Softwarefor 1 account/user on 1 computer, the current fee is $89-159 per month 
Software Systems Fee$50 per week for the initial term of the Franchise Agreement.
Listen 360 fees: $20 per month for the initial term of the Franchise Agreement.
Call Center ServiceThe then-current fee. The current set-up fee is $99, a monthly fee of $0-$200 depending on services selected, plus $20-$25 per booked clean or estimate.
Reunion, Conventions and Regional Meetings and Additional TrainingThe then-current fee. The current registration fee is $300-$475 per person. Franchisees who do not attend Reunion may be charged up to $1,000 for failure to attend.
Renewal Fee$4,000 (or $2,000 if an e-renewal).
Transfer$9,900 if the transfer is to a new franchise owner, $2,000 if the transfer is to an existing Molly Maid Franchise owner, or $500 if the transfer is to the franchisee’s immediate family member. If the franchisee authorizes the franchisor to enlist a third-party broker to locate the transferee, the franchisee must pay the then-current broker fee. All outstanding fees due prior to transfer.
Transferee must pay $6,000 for the transfer initial package.
Change of Legal Entity Fee$500
Failure to Maintain InsuranceThe franchisor’s actual cost for insurance premiums and a reasonable fee for the expenses it incurs.
Interest12% per annum or the maximum permitted by law on unpaid balances.
Late Fees$10 per day.
AuditCost of audit with expenses, any amount owed as shown by the audit,  interest and late fees.
Indemnification and Attorney’s Fees and CostsVaries according to loss.
Territory ViolationWill vary depending on the type and severity of the violation.
Amendment Fee$250
Unapproved SuppliersThe franchisor’s actual out-of-pocket costs of inspection or testing.
Tax ReimbursementVaries according to tax.
Dishonored Check or ACH Draft$25
Additional Training FeeThe then-current fee, currently up to $100 an hour per attendee.
Key Accounts/ Management FeeUp to 3% of all-out gross deals identified with Key Account work, including gross deals that identify with Key Accounts; net deals that are the consequence of any lead or any agreement developed by the franchisor’s Business Development Department or any similar group that is part of the franchisor or is the franchisor’s designee; gross sales for work that is dispatched from any call center operated by the franchisor or designee; gross sales that are audited by the franchisor or designee according to Key Accounts standards or gross sales that otherwise benefit from the franchisor’s Key Accounts activities

#3. Molly Maid Franchise For Sale

Looking for Molly Maid Franchise For Sale. Our franchisees are various gatherings who give sharp bits of knowledge and experience to The Molly Maids’ franchise framework. The majority of our franchisees have no related knowledge in private cleaning.

  1. Request data information by rounding out our Confidential Questionnaire.
  2. A Franchise Development Specialist will promptly contact you to answer initial questions and walk you through The Molly Maids’ Discovery Process steps.
  3. The Molly Maids’ Discovery Process is designed to help you make informed decisions and includes a few simple steps.

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