Matco Tools Franchise | Sale, Cost, Fee.

#1. Matco Tools Franchise Opportunities

Year Matco Tools Franchise Began: 1946

Franchising Since: 1993

Headquarters: Stow, Ohio

Estimated Number of Units: 1,795

Matco Tools is a manufacturer and a well-known distributor of quality professional automotive equipment, tools, and toolboxes.

 The product line has risen to over 19,000 items now. Guaranteed service of equipment they sell.

Matco Tools is a Fortune 500 company and a key player in several industries, including tools, environmental and industrial processes and control markets.

Matco’s franchisee distributions sell its tools and auto supplies out of branded mobile trucks, with an emphasis on targeting buyers in their particular territory.

Matco tools Franchise Opportunities; Franchisees numbers nearly 1,500, with locations in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.

As a franchise owner, you’ll benefit from nearly 70 years of national brand experience in the automotive equipment industry with over 20,000 of the highest quality and most innovative tools in the business

To get started, you will be given a list of at least 325 exclusive potential customers who know and love our brand.

#2. Matco tools Franchise Cost

How much Matco tools Franchise Cost Investment Tables:

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$7,000$7,000
Initial Inventory$65,000$88,000
Acquisition and Establishment of Time Payment Reserve Accounts-or-$22,000$22,000
Time Payment Line of Credit$4,700$9,325
Mobile Store — three months lease payments$5,525$125,000
Computer Hardware$2,800$3,400
Software and Internet Service – 3 months fees$2,050$2,750
Insurance – 3 months premiums$525$3,525
Travel, Lodging and Meal Expenses$170$2,515
Professional Services$150$2,000
Fixtures, Supplies, Licenses$500$3,000
Additional Funds – 3 months$5,000$13,500
ESTIMATED TOTAL$93,420$272,690

Other Fee/Cost

Other Fees
Type of FeeAmount
Minimum Inventory Buyingequal to the starter inventory, and maintain a ratio of purchase average to total sales of 60%.  Franchise participates in the NPP program in first-year operation.
Computer Maintenance and Support Charge$630 or $1,030
Additional Training Fee (for spouse)$295
Field Training for Additional Replacement Employees and Operators$1,500 per week for field training provided to the 3rd and subsequent employees/operators
Web Page Maintenance Fee$195
Insurance$305 to $833
Fees after due date on OPA5% of amount due per week; maximum $100
Inventory Returns, Restock Fee15% approx. restocking fee
Repair Kits$10 to $40 per kit (but, generally $10 per kit).
Successor Distributorship FeeIt’s 50% of Current Initial Franchise fees

#3. Matco Tools Franchise for Sale

What are the Matco Tools Franchise for Sale Financial requirements should be fulfilled initially

Support System

On-The-Job Training: 72 hours

Classroom Training: 72 hours

Additional Training: District meetings

Contact Details

Visit for Application form:

Call for inquiry: (888) 696-2826

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