Massage Envy Franchise | Cost, Sale, Opportunity

Massage Envy Franchise Year Business Began: 2002

Franchising Since: 2003

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Estimated Number of Units: 1,170

Massage Envy is one of the national leaders of affordable and convenient Total Body Care services and this could be your chance to join the leading franchise.

The continued growth being experienced by Massage Envy makes now the ideal time to acquire an existing Massage Envy Spa.

#1. Massage Envy Franchise Opportunities

What are the massage envy franchise opportunities?


Massage Envy is the first and largest massage and spa franchise in the world, with over 1,180 locations and 2 international as well vastly expanding franchise Opportunities


Retail opportunity through strategic partnership with global skincare leaders


  more than 1.51 million


 A business of $1.18 million.

  • Over 1.1 million massage sessions performed per month

#2. Massage Envy Franchise Cost

How much Massage envy franchise cost:

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000
Initial Opening Package$30,000$60,000
Computer System$57,600$72,000
Security Deposits$5,000$10,000
Three Months’ Lease Rent$15,000$50,000
Leasehold Improvements$246,550$488,000
Signage (excludes interior signage that is part of the building materials from MeyerDC included in Leasehold Improvements)$6,000$18,000
Business Licenses and Permits$250$5,000
Professional Fees$7,000$30,000
Grand Opening Advertising Program$15,000$15,000
Training Expenses$2,000$5,000
Additional Funds – 3 months$42,000$65,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$481,400$898,700
Other Fees
Type of FeeAmount
Royalty6% of Gross Sales.
Marketing Fund Contributions2% of Gross Sales.
Advertising Cooperative ContributionsEstablished by advertising cooperative members.
P4 Technology FeeCurrently, charges for all available services would be approximately $1,198 per month for cable-enabled internet, with a higher charge for locations without cable-enabled internet.
ME National Marketing CooperativeVaries depending on the amount franchisees are required to contribute to support the annual marketing plan.
Advertising Coop Fee1% of Total Monthly Contributions.
Additional Training or Assistance Fee$250 per person per day plus expenses.
Failure to Attend Convention or Program FeeFor each person who was required to attend, $400 per person per day for the duration of the convention or program.
Opening Audit FeeUp to $500, which may be charged to audit and certify a Clinic’s readiness to open.
Site Survey Fee$2,000 to $4,000 (varies depending on scope of construction needed).
Refresh Deposit$6,000
Successor Franchise Fee2/3 of the then-current initial franchise fee.
Transfer Fee2/3 of the then current initial franchise fee.
AuditCost of inspection or audit.
InterestLesser of 15% per annum
Returned Check Fee$100
FinesUp to $500 per incident.
Management Fee8% of Gross Sales, also includes costs and expenses.
Costs and Attorneys’ FeesWill vary with circumstances.
IndemnificationWill vary with circumstances.
New Product or Supplier TestingCost of testing.
InsuranceActual cost of premiums, plus franchisor’s costs and expenses.
Late Fee and Dishonored Debits Fee1.5% per month (late fee); $25 per incidence (dishonored debit).
Resale Program FeePer each Massage Envy business: $500 listing fee plus $100 per month until franchisees sell their business or terminate the franchisor’s assistance. Currently, franchisees also pay a commission of up to 4.5% of the sale if the business sells. The commission percentage varies depending upon the sale price.
Rapid Response/D3 $70 per month. 

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#3. Massage Envy Franchise for Sale

Massage envy franchise for sale requirements.

  • Training and Support:

1)  Classroom and “hands-on” field training: online training and webinars.

2)      Customized management software and financial administration tools

3)      Real Estate site selection assistance

4)      Massage therapist recruitment support

5)      Professionally designed local marketing materials (social media, print, online, radio, direct mail and seasonal programs)

6)  Hands-on aspects of running a store, including extensive business operations and policies

  • Contact:

For knowing more about Massage Envy:

Visit for Franchise application  form:

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