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How to stat lee sandwich franchise? Are you looking to start a business in foodservice chain industry, because nowadays the food industry is booming worldwide? So Lee Sandwich Franchise is a great platform to grow your business.

Chieu Le, the originator of Lee’s Sandwiches, came to America and settled in San Jose in 1980. He started taking training classes to contemplate English and would as often as possible purchase food from providing catering trucks when class.

Seeing the potential, Chieu chose to take a shot at a providing food truck to get increasingly associated with the business. The next year, he purchased his own vehicle and started his first course around San Jose.

Lee’s Sandwiches is a drive-through joint franchise with an accentuation on Vietnamese cooking. In spite of the fact that the cafés started cooking principally to Vietnamese clients, its customer base has limitlessly extended – as has its menu.

Notwithstanding standard Asian passage like egg rolls and boba, Lee’s Sandwiches sells customarily European sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, and breakfast things like biscuits and croissants.

#1. Lee Sandwich Franchise Opportunities

What are the lee sandwich franchise opportunities? Lee’s Sandwiches values publicizing as an effective business instrument. Franchisees are required to assign 2% of gross deals to promote, just as $1,000 to $30,000 (contingent upon the measure and sort of the business) for publicizing paving the way to the terrific opening.

Lee’s Sandwiches is focused on being beneficent to individuals out of luck, giving budgetary alleviation to casualties of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Mexican seismic tremors, and Vietnamese floods.

Lee’s Sandwiches is secretly held and accessible in many states. There is four types of franchises accessible through Lee’s Sandwiches:

1.       Baguette Factory Production Unit,

2.       Production Unit,

3.       Non-Production Unit, And

4.       Mall Unit.

#2. Lee Sandwich Franchise Cost

Lee sandwich franchise cost is around $235,830-$1,830,000. There is an initial franchise fee of $35,000-$75,000 which awards you the permit to maintain a business under the Lee’s Sandwiches name.

  • Initial Investment       : $235,830-$1,830,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee  : $35,000-$75,000
  • Royalty Fee: 6.9% of Sale

#3. Lee Sandwich Franchise For Sale

Lee sandwich franchise for sale; We’re continually searching for genuine banh mi and bistro sua da lovers to help spread our energizing idea to your community. If it’s not too much trouble deliberately read every one of the areas beneath to gain proficiency with about turning into a Lee’s Sandwiches Franchisee.

After you’ve finished them, on the off chance that you’re interested and think you’d make a decent applicant, at that point we’d love to get notification from you. Just complete our franchise application.

There are nine main steps to Lee Sandwich Franchise for sale :

1.       Apply to Be Awarded Your Franchise

2.       Secure a Premier Location

3.       Negotiate Your Lease

4.       We Review the Lease

5.       Design Your Store with our In-House Designer

6.       Come Train with the Family

7.       Manage Your Logistics: The Checklist of Success

8.       Build Out Your Store

9.       Share Your Lee’s Sandwiches Excitement with the Community

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