Kumon Franchise Sale | Cost, Opportunities, Fee

Year Kumon Franchise Began: 1958

Franchising Since: 1958

U.S. Headquarters: Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Country of Origin: Japan

Estimated Number of Units: 25,880

The method was developed by Toru Kumon. The kumon method is been learned since more than 50 years ago in Japan, when his son was struggling with second-grade arithmetic.

Realizing that a strong foundation in the basics–addition, subtraction, multiplication and division–was essential for higher-level math, Kumon created a series of math worksheets for his son to work on after school.

With daily practice, Kumon’s son gradually expanded his mastery of mathematical skills and by sixth grade was able to solve differential equations and integral calculus problems.

Currently at vast locations in North America, Kumon franchisees apply this method of daily practice and self-paced advancement to children’s math and reading skills.

 Entrepreneur magazine’s  #1 Tutoring Franchise 17 years(awarded)

#1. Kumon Franchise Opportunities

Kumon Franchise Opportunities is the smartest choice in education franchising. 

Continuously Company  growth and great Opportunities for Kumon Franchisees

  1. World’s Largest Educational Franchise: Kumon Franchise
  2. 1500 independently owned and operated centers in the U.S.
  3. Total U.S. Enrollment: 77% since 2006
  4. Average U.S. Enrollment Per centers: 45% since 2006
  5. Total Number of Kumon centers: 21% since 2006
  6. Student enrollment has risen by 59% since 2007. 

Of course Education is not going to stop so there is no end to Growth of Educational company and huge Opportunities for kumon Franchise.

#2. Kumon Franchise Cost

How much Kumon Franchise Cost

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
Training Agreement Deposit Fee$500$500
Expenses While Start-up Training (Instructor Development Program)$5,150$8,880
Initial Franchise Fee$1,000 less, the $500 Deposit Fee if franchisee is obtaining their first Kumon Center.
Initial Purchase of Materials$1,000$1,000
Architect Design$0$9,500
Leasehold Improvements$29,500$60,000
Security Deposit, If Required$0$15,000
Furniture, Equipment, Primary Sign & Supplies$3,400$12,000
Notebook Computer at Kumon Center$400$2,000
Professional Fees$1,000$3,000
Liability Insurance$475$475
Business License, Name Registration$100$200
Kumon Lead Management Telephone System$480$600
Recommended Reading List$2,550$2,550
Fingerprinting, Criminal Background Check$18$60
Payroll Cost for Assistants (3 Months)$6,300$7,560
New Center Marketing$6,000$8,000
Additional Funds (3 Months)$13,500$18,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$73,373$154,825

Kumon Franchise Cost/Other Fee

Type of FeeAmount
RoyaltyInitial Enrollment Royalty Fee: For each reporting month, $15 times the number of newly enrolled students.Monthly Royalty after completing the TLP: $34 times the number of full-paying students enrolled, and $17 times the number of partially exempt and/or prorated tuition students for each Subject-Franchise.
Administrative Fee  Late Payment1.5% on the overdue amount each month or $75, whichever is higher.
Late or Inaccurate Report Fee $200 per month for the first month the franchisee is late; $500 for the second month the franchisee is late; $1,000 the third month the franchisee is late with increments of $1,000 per month thereafter.
Insufficient Funds$25 per EFT attempt that has insufficient funds to cover the amount owed.
Insurance$4.32 per math student per year.
IndemnificationAmount incurred by the franchisor.
Shipping Costs for MaterialsCharged on per-order basis.
Relocation Fee$1,000
Payments for “Chargeable Items” Purchased from KumonAs stated on invoice.
Liquidated DamagesThree times the average monthly royalty in the three months immediately prior to franchisee’s last day of operating the center.
Temporary Transfer to Kumon10% of the average tuition charged by the 5 Kumon centers that are closest to the center, X(multiply) by the number of students participated at the center for so long as Kumon has assumed operation of the centres and reimbursement of any out-of-pocket costs that it incurs.
Advertising needsAt least the minimum amount set forth in the Operations Manual.

#3. Kumon Franchise for Sale

Kumon Franchise for Sale Requirements…..

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Either citizenship or a green card,
  • And the net worth investment requirement and also the desire to look kids succeeded in life.

Steps to Open


Visit for applying  Kumon Franchise: https://www.kumonfranchise.com/

Call for inquiry: tel:+18442222316

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