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Looking for Jersey mike’s franchise? The main Jersey Mike’s Super Sub was made in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore in 1956. In this article you will get about jersey mike’s franchise cost, fee, opportunity and how to sale

Diminish Cancro began working in the submarine sandwich business when he was 14 years of age. At 17 years old, under the steady gaze of state law enabled him to work a cutting machine, Cancro purchased the first Jersey Mike’s area.

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a submarine sandwich eatery network that plans subs specially made, cutting meats and cheeses as required, with an accentuation on Italian meats, yet additionally American meats and cheeses. Clients never leave Jersey Mike’s unsatisfied.

#1. Jersey Mikes Franchise Opportunity

Look for jJersey mikes franchise opportunity; The nature of our product makes an enthusiastic, steadfast client base with strong repeat business. The activity is perfect and simple, requiring little equipment investment and entirely sensible staff sizes.

Our constrained menu contributions add to the straightforwardness of our model and furthermore fortify our image by concentrating on what we specialize in: making new, delightful, genuine sub sandwiches. So it’s a great opportunity franchise which makes success and growth.

#2. Jersey Mike’s Franchise Cost

Your initial jersey mike’s franchise cost may change depending upon various variables, including the state of the premises, the measure of development performed by the proprietor, geographic zones and your capacities.

The accompanying evaluated speculation data is additionally clarified in our 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document. The initial investment cost for building up a Jersey Mike’s franchises follows below:

Franchise Fee/Cost Table

Type of ExpenditureActual or Estimated AmountsMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$18,500Lump-SumOn Signing of the Franchise AgreementCompany
Real Estate and Construction Fee$5,000Lump-SumOn Signing LeaseCompany
Rent/Lease CAM/Taxes/Lease$1,073 – $19,978MonthlyMonthlyLandlord
and Utility Security Deposits
Architectural Fees$3,000 – $17,800As IncurredAs ArrangedApproved Suppliers
Leasehold Improvements$136,000 – $384,419As ArrangedAs ArrangedLandlord or Contractors
Equipment/Furniture/Small Wares$20,997 – $132,236As ArrangedAs ArrangedDesignated and Approved Suppliers
Initial Inventory$5,000 – $15,500As ArrangedAs ArrangedDesignated and Approved Suppliers
Insurance$2,000 – $6,000As ArrangedAs ArrangedYour Insurance Company
Training$1,500 – $36,785As IncurredAs IncurredTransportation, Hotels, Restaurants, Staff Salaries
Grand Opening Advertising$12,500Lump-SumOn Signing LeaseCompany
Exterior Signage$4,395 – $45,684As ArrangedAs ArrangedApproved Suppliers
Interior Branding/Graphics$1,222 – $10,565As IncurredAs IncurredApproved Suppliers
Uniforms, Office Equipment and Supplies, TVs/Stereo$1,122 – $29,496As IncurredAs IncurredDesignated and Approved Suppliers
System/Security System
POS System$9,085 – $14,008As IncurredAs IncurredDesignated Suppliers
Professional Fees (lawyer, accountant, etc.)$1,000 – $3,000As IncurredAs IncurredAccountant, Lawyer
Business Licences and Permits$25 – $500As IncurredAs IncurredLocal Municipality, State
Additional Funds for 3 months$15,000As IncurredAs IncurredApproved Suppliers, Employees
Total$237,419 – $766,971   

#3. Jersey Mike’s Franchise For Sale

Jersey mike’s franchise for sale; When you sure that the franchise of jersey mike’s criteria then you can apply for this franchise, and also you want to more information you can get with the help of bellow links:

Jersey Mike’s Subs regions of the presence:

Jersey Mike’s Subs website:

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