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The Goddard School franchise was founded in 1983 by Lois Goddard Haines in an effort to better the lives of children and their families who required childcare.

The Goddard School was founded in 1983 by Lois Haines, with an effort to lives of children of a better life and their families who required childcare. The Goddard School is an early childhood education provider in the nation, It has 400 franchise schools in 35 states and 100 of markets.

Each GIS is independently owned and operated by Franchise method, These franchises are received training at Goddard School’s corporate office in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania before starting the school franchise. 

#1. Goddard School Franchise Opportunities

Look for goddard school franchise opportunities; To Start Franchise of Goddard school, you will get much support for the franchise.

  1. Site Selection for good location
  2. Support for set up
  3. Our Team to help 
  4. Real Estate & Construction
  5. Finance support
  6. Training support
  7. Operational help
  8. Education training support
  9. Quality Assurance
  10. Marketing, Advertising & PR support
  11. Information Technology support
  12. Educational Advisory Board
  13. Leadership Team provide

#2. Goddard School Franchise Cost

While starting franchise you should look for goddard school franchise cost The minimum requirements for opening a Goddard School franchise:

  1. Goddard School License Fee: $135,000
  2. Minimum Investment Required: $712,800- $786,100 total
  3. Minimum Cash: $150,000
Estimated Investment Cost
Name of fee required forLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$135,000$135,000
Initial Training and Opening Assistance Fee$35,000$35,000
Initial Advertising Contribution$50,000$55,000
goddard school franchise Site Development Assistance Fee$30,000$30,000
Background Check (up to four individuals)$3,000$5,500
Convention Deposit$1,000$1,000
Land Acquisition Cost – OptionalVaries
Building Construction and Site Work – OptionalVaries
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment$157,000$197,000
Marketing Materials, Stationery, Forms, and Curricular Resources$18,700$24,500
Computer Hardware, Telephone, Interactive White Board and Digital Signage Package$21,000$21,000
goddard school franchise Security System$11,000$11,000
Miscellaneous Opening Costs$73,000$113,000
Three Months’ Rent$49,800$74,900
Advertising Contribution – 3 months$10,500$10,500
Additional Funds (3 months)$48,300$90,600
ESTIMATED TOTAL$653,800$814,500

Other Fee/Cost

Other Fee
Type of FeeAmount
Royalty7% of Gross Receipts of the School; The royalty fee is reduced during the 1st year to 2% of Gross Receipts for months 1-3, 4% for months 4-6, and 6% for months 7-12, if the franchisee is an existing franchisee purchasing an additional (new) franchise for a reduced initial license fee
Advertising Contribution$3,500 (subject to inflation adjustments), or 4% of Gross Receipts, including the Gross Receipts derived from any Satellite Location or Annex, whichever is greater, per month.
Telephone ChargesTelephone services Cost 
Local Advertising, Marketing, and PromotionThe franchisee’s cost.
goddard school franchise Financial Statement AuditThe franchisee’s accountant’s fees for audited financial statements.
Audit ExpensesCost of audit including the charges of any independent accountant and the travel expenses, including food, transportation and lodging, and compensation of the franchisor’s employees.
Late Reporting Fee$250 for each and every failure and/or refusal to comply plus $100 per day beginning on the third day.
Transfer Initial Training and Assistance Fee (on-site field and technical)$10,000, subject to an annual increase of 10%.
Transfer Initial Advertising ContributionThe initial advertising contribution then required of buyers of existing Goddard Schools, currently $15,000, or a different amount if so stated in the transferring franchisee’s agreement or the franchisor’s assessment of the School’s needs.
Transfer Fee and Sales Commission$5,000 transfer assignment fee; 7% sales commission.
Transfer Security Deposit$5,000
Background Check FeeThe franchisor’s cost, which it currently estimates is $3,000 to $5,500 for up to four people, plus $1,500 for each additional person’s background check run at the same time; the cost may be less for existing franchisees or more due to international background investigations or other reasons.
goddard school franchise Director’s Training Fee$1,000 – $5,000
ConventionsReasonable registration fee.
Interest on Late Payments1.5% per month or the maximum rate permitted by law.
Insufficient Funds Fees and Other Financial Institution ChargesThe greatest of $30 or the amount imposed by the financial institution.
Insurance; Insurance ReimbursementPolicy cost plus a reasonable fee for the franchisor’s expenses if the franchisor obtains insurance.
Rent for Premises of SchoolWill vary under circumstances.
Maintenance/ Refurbishing/ ReplacementAs specified.
Site Development Assistance Fee – Annex, Satellite Location, Relocation, ExpansionUp to the franchisor’s then-current site development assistance fee offered for new franchises for any relocation, expansion, Annex and material alterations of the School, and up to 25% of the then-current site development assistance fee for its services in connection with any Satellite Location, including the development, any relocation, expansion and material alterations of a Satellite Location; the current fee for new franchises is $30,000 (resulting currently in a maximum fee of $7,500 for a Satellite Location)
goddard school franchise Computer and Telephone System Modifications and Enhancements System-Wide Fee and Individual Information Technology Maintenance and Support Services FeeAs specified.
Appraisal FeesThe cost of the franchisee’s appraiser and one half of the cost of any third appraiser’s fees.
De-Identify PremisesCosts plus reasonable administrative fee.
Litigation ExpensesThe franchisor’s attorneys’ fees, court costs, expert fees and litigation expenses.
TaxesAmount of taxes.
Late Crisis Notification Fee$2,500 for each and every failure to notify plus $500 per day beginning on the second day.
IndemnificationAmount of loss or damages plus costs.

#2. Goddard School For Sale

Goddard school for sale; Once you contact Goddard school for more information, the support team will reach out to give a solution to your initial question. After that, you can go next process:

  1. You will receive an email that from your goddard school franchise online application, the team will ask for background information, history, and financial information.
  2. Then you will meet with a franchise development manager who will provide you with all information, discloser document.
  3. Once you complete all procedures, then you will be invited to attend to franchise team at corporate headquarters, it gives the opportunity to meet up to people who will guide you when you become a franchise.
  4. Once they agree then moving forward would be mutually beneficial, with awarded a license to open Goddard School franchise.
  5. Then they will provide you series of training courses online at corporate headquarters to preparation of operate Goddard School Franchise.
  6. Once you complete the training, a member of goddard school franchise openings team will help to guide open your Goddard School.

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