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#1. Filta Franchise Opportunities

Year Filta Franchise Began: 1996

Franchising Since: 1996

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

Estimated Number of Units: 350

Filta is the worldwide leader in cooking oil filtration and fryer management services. Filta’s Franchise don’t have as much competition and has the benefit of national brand recognition through a system of national accounts.

 These are some of Filta’s different services …FiltaFry service, turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel with FiltaBio and reducing energy consumption and food waste with FiltaCool.

 Training and Support are fully given to the Franchise owner.

Filta Franchise Opportunities; Filta’s have over 130 Filta Franchise Owners and hundreds of Service Technicians all over the United States.

Filta has been in the US since 2003 and has secured contracts with very well-known businesses locally, regionally, and at the corporate level. 

Filta services over 4,500 customers every week and has recycled over 1/2 billion pounds of oil… and counting.

Franchisees Features……

1)  Multiple vans offering all services

2)  Internationally recognized

3)  Weekly repeat service

4)  Little to no competition

5)  Small customer base per van

6)  Mobile, can be based from home

7)  Comprehensive in-field & business training

8)  Minimal overheads & stock

9)  Exclusive territory(s)

10)  Simple administration

11)  Environmentally-friendly

12)  Guaranteed initial support

13)  Toll-Free call handling

14)  Ongoing support & advice

15)  IFA and CFA membe

#2. Filta Franchise Cost

How much Filta Franchise Cost Investment Tables:

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh 
Territory Fee$39,950$39,950 
Opening Package$54,950$54,950 
Taxes on Opening Package$0$3,000 
Van (includes $6,500 initial payment and $550-$600 per month for first 3 months) excluding applicable sales and use tax$8,150$8,300 
Travel Expenses for Training$250$1,500 
Lodging Expenses During Field Training$500$850 
Information Technology$0$1,000 
Additional Funds – 3 months$2,500$7,500 
ESTIMATED TOTAL$108,300$122,050 

Other Cost/Fee

Other Fees
Type of FeeAmount
FiltaFry Service FeeA flat monthly fee (i.e. fee does not increase if revenue increases). Currently, $595 times the number of MFUs that the franchisee has in operation, the number of vans that the franchisee has in operation, or the number of territories in which the franchisee operates, whichever number is the greatest.
Marketing ContributionA flat monthly fee (i.e. fee does not increase if your revenue increases). Currently $135 per month, regardless of the number of MFUs, Vans or Territories franchisees have in operation.
MFU FiltersThe then-current prices, which vary depending on the type of filter. Currently $397 to $455 per case of 20 filters.
Spare Parts and SuppliesThe then-current prices.
FiltaCool Service FeeA flat monthly fee (i.e. fee does not increase if revenue increases). Currently, $3 times the number of per FiltaCool filters per month franchisees have in service.
FiltaBio Fee12.5% of Gross Monthly Revenue from the sale of WVO. Varies based on circumstances.
FiltaGold Service FeeNone currently; if implemented, up to 5% of the FiltaGold revenue.
FiltaDrain Service FeeNone currently.
Conference FeeCurrently $45 per month per franchise. Refunded if franchisees attend Filta’s conference for franchise owners; if they do not attend, the franchisor will use the conference fees collected from them to defray the general expenses of the conference.
Rebates to National Account CustomersNot paid to the franchisor. Certain National Account Contracts may require franchisees to pay volume rebates to the customer; rebate amounts vary.
Centralized AccountsUp to 5% of the amount invoiced to the Centralized Account customer.
Information System User FeeCurrently, $46 per month per user, beginning in the 1st month after the franchisee is given access. This gives franchisees and their staff the use of Symphony, Filta University, Email, FiltaNet Intranet, and Google GSuite. The franchisor pays the $225 set upcharge.
Transfer FeeOne-third of the then-current Territory Fee. No fee if the transferee is a member of the franchisee’s immediate family (i.e., spouse, son or daughter).
Termination FeePayable only if franchisees exercise their right to terminate the Franchise Agreement without cause. Calculated as the Service Fee times 25% to 65% of the number of months remaining in the franchise term.
Liquidated Damages for Failure to Return MFU$20,000 per MFU, but payable only if franchisees fail to return the MFU to the franchisor within 60 days after expiration or termination of the Franchise Agreement.
IndemnificationThe franchisor’s actual costs.

#3. Filta Franchise for Sale

What are the requirements for Filta Franchise for Sale

1)  The ideal operator should have determination and persistence. You have to be of the mindset that free demonstrations lead to your success.

2)  Though none of the Filta Franchise systems are complex, the ideal operator must be a quick learner. You’ll need to pick up instructions and execute so you can move on to building your business.

3)  Confidence and good self-esteem are necessary traits for success in any service business, Filta’s included.

4)  Initial Investment should be fullfiled

Support Systems

1)  Comprehensive 2 week Training Program. / 7 days classroom / 7 days  operational in field with an authorized franchise owner

2)  An ongoing inside sales effort in which our telemarketers set up appointments for potential new customers in your Territory

3)  Technical, Sales and Business Support Hotlines

4)  Start-up support with a Business Development Manager for the first 2 weeks of operation

5)  Also Availability of Online Support from FiltaNet, Virtual Fleet Supervisor, Quickbooks, and a custom-tailored CRM System

6)  Annual Franchisee Conference to help bring your business to the next level. 

7)  And much, much more

Contact Details

Visit for Filta’s Franchise Application form:

 Call for inquiry: (407) 996-5550

Visit for knowing Available Filta Franchise Locations:

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