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 #1. Dale Carnegie Franchise Opportunities

Year Dale Carnegie Franchise Began: 1912

Franchising Since: 1999

Headquarters: Hauppauge, New York

Estimated Number of Units: 275

The Dale Carnegie is the course of  Effective Speaking and Human Relations is a learn-by-doing based program for individuals based on Dale Carnegie’s teachings. Equal and above eight million people have completed Dale Carnegie Training. 

Dale Carnegie’s original body of knowledge is constantly being updated, expanded, and refined and now their solutions are available in over 30 different languages

They use a unique coaching style called “coaching in the moment.”

Dale Carnegie Franchise Opportunitie Training is an award-winning franchise opportunity. Ranked as Franchise 500 in 2019.

They have been recognized by Franchise Business Review™ and Entrepreneur Magazine™ for providing best-in-class sales and marketing support while maintaining their brand’s position as a leader in a multi-billion-dollar industry

Dale Carnegie Franchise content has also earned us recognition as a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership, Top 20 Sales, and Top 20 Workforce Development company for years.

They have 200 locations in over 80 countries, including all 50 US states.

#2. Dale Carnegie Franchise Cost

How much Dale Carnegie Franchise Cost Investment Tables:

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee (based on Territory Revenue Potential)$1,000$50,000
Real property; Lease/Utility Payments and DepositsVaries
Security Deposits$0$5,000
Computer Hardware and Software$5,000$10,000
Business Licensing$500$2,000
ACCET Fees$1,200$2,000
Legal and Accounting$5,000$13,500
Marketing, Advertising Expense$0$15,000
Initial Trainer Training Fee$10,000$20,000
Initial Training Travel Costs (per person)$2,500$4,000
Additional Funds (6 months)$25,000$100,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL (excluding purchase of real property)$52,200$226,500
Other Fees
Type of FeeAmount
Monthly Royalty12% of Gross Revenues up to 65% of Revenue Target, 9.5% of Gross Revenues between 65.01% and 85% of Revenue Target, 7% of Gross Revenues between 85.01% and 115% of Revenue Target and 4.5% of Gross Revenues exceeding 115% of Revenue Target.
Marketing Contribution3% of Gross Revenues.
Required Proprietary Materials; Optional Purchase of Other Required MaterialsThe quantity and cost of the proprietary and non-proprietary required materials franchisees purchase depends on the number of participants that they enroll in each Carnegie Program and the type and number of Carnegie Programs that franchisees conduct. The franchisor estimates that the cost of purchasing proprietary required materials for a single Carnegie Program ranges from approximately $200 to approximately $2,500.
ACCET Fee$1,200 to $2,000 per year.
Initial Trainer Training Fees$10,000 to $20,000 depending on the Territory’s Revenue Target
Sales TaxesAs incurred.
Late ChargesThe greater of $100 or 5% of the amount due, plus interest from the date due until paid at the lesser of 18% or the maximum amount that the law allows.
Late ReportingFee10% penalty on the royalty that was generated from the report.
Liquidated Damages$50 per day commencing 10 days after written notice specifying default until notice of cure
Code of Conduct Violation Fee$0 to $5,000 per occurrence
Indemnification of Dale CarnegieFranchisees indemnify Dale Carnegie from certain losses and expenses.
Attorneys’ Fees and Other CostsActual fees and costs incurred.
Dale Carnegie Computer SystemFor DCT Client Builder software: $495 upon signing Software License Agreement and $495 per year after the first year. For e-mail: $48 upon signing Software License Agreement and $48 per year after the first year. For Salesforce: Gold User License will be $30/user/month or $360/year; Platinum User License will be $115/user/month or $1,380 per year.
RefundsAs incurred.
Product End Evaluations$225 to $4,000 per year
Web siteThe amounts charged by applicable software and hardware vendors.
Renewal Fee$2,500
Audit ExpensesVaries dependent upon amount understated.
Optional MaterialsVaries.

 #3. Dale Cargenie Franchise for Sale

Dale Cargenie Franchise for Sale Requirements…

1) Meeting the financial requirements is a must for our ideal candidate.

2) Candidate must have a genuine passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

3) Dale Carnegie  is a people oriented business and their franchise partners must believe the path to more successful organizations is through improving the performance of their people and the environment in which they work

Support System

On-The-Job Training: 52 hours

Classroom Training:

Additional Training:

Number of Employees Required to Run:

Contact Details

Visit for Dale Cargenie Franchise Application form: https://dalecarnegiefranchise.com/

Contact details: https://dalecarnegiefranchise.com/contact-us/

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