Dairy Queen Franchise | Sale, Cost, Fee, Opportunities

Year Business Began Dairy Queen Franchise: 1940

Franchising Since: 1944

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Estimated Number of Units: 7,070

Dairy Queen, now often known as DQ, is one of America’s most iconic quick-serve restaurant brands

Dairy Queen’s serves  Blizzards, Dilly Bars, Waffle Cone Treats and Orange Julius smoothies are legendary.

Dairy Queen is also well-known for its frozen cakes made by hand for special social occasions.

In 2002, Dairy Queen added the DQ Grill & Chill theme to its restaurants, expanding the hot selections on its menus.

Dairy Queen is a household name in the U.S., Canada and in many other countries, maintaining about 95% brand recognition.

#1. Dairy Queen Franchise Opportunities

What are the dairy queen franchise opportunities?

The secret to the Dairy Queen® brand’s success has always been simple.

Recipe combines hardworking individuals and great-tasting food that’s served in a welcoming environment.

What began as the 10-cent sale of an unknown frozen treat in 1938 quickly boomed into one of the most well-known soft serve/frozen treat companies of all time.

Food franchising had yet to exist, but the Dairy Queen® product’s rapid-growth potential made the process a piece of cake.

Today, there are more than 6,800 restaurants in the United States, Canada, and 27 other countries and there are huge opportunities in the U.S. further too.

Franchise development is available in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

#2. Dairy Queen Franchise Cost

How much Dairy Queen Franchise Cost

Investment cost: $35,000 to $35,000

Investment Tables:

Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
dairy queen franchise Initial franchise fee$35,000$35,000
ALTA Survey$0$5,000
Initial Training Fees and Costs$1,125$11,625
Travel And Living Expenses for Training Programs$23,000$38,500
Building Construction and Leasehold Improvements$550,000$900,000
Construction Consultation Services$0$7,500
Building Plans, Design Intent Plans and Architectural Seal$15,000$45,000
Equipment (Including Signs and Point-of-Sale Systems)$390,000$530,000
Training Inventory$5,500$16,000
Opening Inventory$15,400$38,000
Utility Deposits, Business Licenses, and Government Charges$4,000$17,000
Attorney’s Fees$1,000$8,000
dairy queen franchise Additional Funds (3 Months)$51,000$198,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$1,091,025$1,849,625

Dairy Queen Franchise Cost/Other Fee

Other Fees
Type of FeeAmount
Continuing License Fee4% of Gross Sales.
Sales Promotion Program Fee5% approx of Gross Sales.
Operational Program FeesWill vary under circumstances.
Transfer Fee$5,000
Renewal Fee$17,500
Audit and Recordkeeping CostsThe franchisee’s contractual percentage continuing license fees and percentage sales promotion program fees times the amount of understated Gross Sales, plus any other amounts owed to the franchisor.
dairy queen franchise Termination feeOne of the following: (1) 2 X(times)the continuing license fee due for the last 12 months of active operations; (2) If the location did not operate for a full 12 months, 24 X the average monthly continuing license fee when location was open; or (3) If less than 24 months remain on the franchise agreement, the number of months remaining X the average monthly continuing license fees due for the last 12 months of active operations.
Interest Expenses18% per annum or at the maximum rate permitted by governing law.
Late Fees$50 per delinquent report or payment.
Additional Training FeesWill vary based on circumstances.
Gift Card Program Fees3% of total gift card redemptions.
Costs and attorneys’ feesWill vary under circumstances.
Training Materials$150 to $500
dairy queen franchise Training Cancellation Fee$150 or $900

Area required: 1,886 and 2,612 square feet. 

Each restaurant location features warm, welcoming décor in freestanding facilities, between 1,886 and 2,612 square feet. 

#3. Dairy Queen Franchise for Sale

Dairy queen franchise for sale Requirements:

1)  Dairy Queen looks for franchisees with previous entrepreneurial experience.

2)  Prior franchising experience in the QSR industry is a plus, but it’s not required.

3)  However, potential owners should know their way around real estate, business oversight, and restaurant operations.

4)  Franchisees also need to meet the minimum net worth requirements and liquid capital requirements…

5)  Applicants should show passion for the Dairy Queen brand.

Training and Support

1)  Dairy Queen provides approved franchisees with 142 hours of on-the-job training

2)  32 hours of classroom training related to brand operations.

3)  Third-party MTRA training and SERVSAFE certification is coordinated and required, but not offered by DQ directly.

Contact Number:

Application Form: https://www.dairyqueenfranchising.com/

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