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Are you looking for start Curves Franchise Cost, Fee, Opportunity and how to sale, In this post, you will get all details about curves franchise.

The franchisor is in the matter of giving and providing service to its franchisees comprising of the chance to open and work a brief fitness and weight reduction club under the “Curves” exchange names, trademarks and system of working strategies.

Curves is a fitness business intended for ladies with around 4 million individuals at more than 10,000 areas found far and wide. Curves advances sound ways of life in females by helping with weight reduction and exercise. With cardio, extending, and quality preparing, Curves promises to work each significant muscle gathering.

The activity routine, for the most part, comprises of high-intensity aerobics and the utilization of water-powered opposition gear.

Most Curves individuals go to the exercise centre for a brief exercise three times each week. Also, with such a significant number of Curves area, an enrollment works at any Curves, giving ladies practice choices in any event, when travelling.

#1. Curves Franchise Opportunities

To start Curves Franchise has great exciting curves franchise opportunities. Curves franchisees are given a club advancement support program. This program is especially discovered to help franchisees through each progression of their business and guarantee achievement.

  • Looking to work for yourself?
  • Dynamic, excited and profoundly energetic?
  • Loaded up with want and the correct individual characteristics to assist ladies with arriving at their objectives?
  • Friendly and think that its simple to continue ahead with other individuals?
  • Needing to work with an organization that would one say one is of the world’s chiefs in ladies’ wellness?
  • Resolved to succeed and completely dedicated to another test?

#2. Curves Franchise Cost

To open Curves Franchiseinitial investment curves franchise cost around $115,600-$243,200, And franchise fee of $39,900 which grants you to run business with name of Curve.

1.   Investment Cost:

Estimated Investment Cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$12,500$15,000
Application Fee $500$500
Curves Franchise Travel and Living Expenses While Training$1,500$4,000
Real Estate and ImprovementsVaries
Site Evaluation$0$750
Training and Education RequirementsVaries
Technology Fee$250$250
TV/Sound Bar System$550$1,000
Curves Franchise Computer$500$1,000
Business Registration$0$500
Professional Fees$1,000$3,000
Curves Equipment Delivery Fee$2,500$5,000
Additional Funds – 3 months$1,500$4,500
ESTIMATED TOTAL (does not include real estate or education costs)$49,595$75,295

Other Fee/Cost

Type of FeeAmount
Monthly Royalty Fee6.5% of the previous month’s gross sales for the franchise subject to the minimum royalty fee of $220.
Monthly Advertising Fee2% of the previous month’s gross sales for the franchise subject to the minimum royalty fee of $110.
Training FeeWill depend on the franchisee’s circumstances.
Relocation Fee$500
Delay of Opening Fee$1,500
Curves Franchise IndemnificationWill vary depending upon loss.
Fee for Audit of FranchiseCost of audit if franchisee understated gross sales by more than 2% and any unpaid fees owed to the franchisor.
Escrow Fee$1,800
Assignment Fee$1,000
Onboarding Certification Fee Then-current fee; currently, $150 per person. 
Health and Wellness Certification Then-current fee; currently, $150 per person. 
Curves Operating System Training Fee Then-current fee; currently, there is no fee. 
Initial Training Program Registration Fee Then-current fee; currently, $500 per person. 
Curves Franchise Application Fee $500 
Renewal FeeAmount equal to 25% of the then-current initial franchise fee applicable to a new franchise.
Monitoring Fee$250 per month per item of non-compliance
Brand Protection Fee$250 per month per item of non-compliance.
Technology Fee$250 per month.
Late Fee$55
InterestThe highest rate allowable by law on any balance unpaid by more than 30 days.
Non-Compliance DamagesThe remaining months on the Term of the Franchise Agreement multiplied by an average of the last 6 months of Monthly Royalty Fees, or if Franchisee’s Facility has been open less than 6 months, an average of the Monthly Royalty Fees since Franchisee’s Facility has been open.
InsuranceCost of insurance.
Inspection and Evaluation of Suppliers and ProductsVaries, depending upon the cost to the franchisor for the inspection and evaluation.
Curves Franchise Transfer Fee$5,000

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#3. Curves Franchise For Sale

You can curves franchise for sale Curves Franchise by two ways:

1.       Purchase another franchise domain where there isn’t a Curves Franchise inactivity

2.       Purchase a current Curves own by a franchisee who is thinking about selling the club

Become Curves owner is easier than you think, start journey with Curves:

  • Apply for online application and submits your document
  • Wait for approval from company headquarters
  • Get training and other support
  • Finally, the grand opening of Curves gym

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