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Are you looking for an open franchise in cleaning services, then chem dry franchise is a perfect business platform to grow in the market. In this article, you can get details about franchise Cost, Fee, Opportunity and How to sale.

It is the world’s biggest carpet cleaning franchise— and one of the most economical, multi-unit franchise. The business visionary magazine has positioned Chem Dry a top franchise framework and the No. 1 carpet cleaning franchise for over 40 years straight.

The franchisor has structured and built up a technique for setting up, working and performing floor covering and upholstery/drapery cleaning, spot expulsion, defensive services, and tile and stone consideration services, utilizing HRI’s Chem Dry determinations, principles, working strategies, supplies and concentrated hardware, which may all be improved, further created, or generally altered. HRI created and produces the cleaning arrangements utilized by Chem Dry Businesses.

The franchise offered is for the activity of a Chem Dry business which gives cover cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spot evacuation, defensive administrations and other approved services to private and business clients.

#1. Chem Dry Franchise Opportunities

Now you thinking about What is the chem dry franchise opportunities. So you thinking in the right direction,  You can own a Chem Dry franchise and join the world’s biggest carpet cleaning brand, with more than 3,000 areas in more than 50 nations around the world.

Chem Dry is one of the most perceived brands in franchising, and its low investment cost and high paces of return make it outstanding amongst other franchise values around. Also, some great opportunity will you can get to starting Chem Dry franchise bussiness:

  • Carpet cleaning is experiencing a memorable development of roughly 5% every year and was required to net $5 billion out of 2018
  • Chem Dry is the country’s biggest rug cleaning franchise
  • Over 3,000 franchise overall utilize our licensed items, and we have a reputation of 40 years of experience and achievement
  • Carpet cleaning is a profoundly divided industry with gigantic development potential, and Chem Dry is the business head

#2. Chem Dry Franchise Cost

How much chem dry franchise cost? Consistently, American homeowners holders introduce in excess of 10 billion square feet of new carpet— cover that will require cleaning for quite a long time. Since 1977, one name has stuck out: Chem Dry. Tap into this development advertise with an ultra-wretched instalment and a low, fixed month to month sovereignty expense.

  • Liquid Capital Required: $40,000
  • Net Worth Required: $60,000
  • Total Investment: $67,645 – $178,907
  • Franchise Fee: $23,500
  • Financing Assistance: AVAILABLE
  • Training and Support: YES

1.   Investment Cost:

Estimated Investment Cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial License Fee$23,500$23,500
New Business Set$32,995$57,495
Optional Additional Equipment$0$8,462
Cargo Van$0$35,000
Installation Costs $600$5,000
Three Month’s Rent$0$4,000
Telephone and Business License$400$4,000
Training and Convention Attendance Expenses$1,250$3,000
Additional Funds – 3 months$2,500$9,000
Computer System$800$2,000
Advertising – 3 months$5,000$10,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL (for new franchise)$67,645$178,907

2.   Other Fee:

Type of FeeAmount
Monthly Franchise Fee$408.60
Yearly Minimum Purchase Amount$3,000
Customer Service Management Software Fee$70 – $120 per month, after an initial set up fee of $200.
Initial Monthly Marketing by Franchisees25% of Gross Revenue, with a minimum of $1,000 for digital marketing.
Brand Marketing Fund Contribution$100 – $300
Business Phone Number Service$1 – $25 per month per line depending on features.
Name Change$100 per franchise
Consolidated Office Agreement Fee$150
Guarantor Change $200 
Name Charge $100 per franchise 
Credit Card Processing FeeWill vary.
CDCS Program Handling & Processing FeeCurrently 15%-25% of invoice total.
Web Domain Fee$75 per domain for a five-year term.
Training$500 – $1,800
Initial and New Buyer Training Fee $50 per day per attendee.
Convention Fee$1,299 – $1,999
Fine for Improper AdvertisingUp to $2,000 per violation.
Fine for Use and/or Possession of NON-Chem Dry ProductsUp to $3,000 per violation.
Fine for Unapproved Cleaning Systems or EquipmentUp to $5,000 per violation.
Fine for Offering NON-Approved ServicesUp to $5,000 per violation.
Fine for Accepting and Performing a Job Outside of the Franchisee’s Franchised AreaUp to $2,000 per violation.
Fine for Failed QC EvaluationWill vary according to the size of the job.
Fine for Failure to Fulfill Annual Training RequirementUp to $500
Failure to Fulfill National Convention Attendance Requirement Up to $500
Customer Complaint ResolutionWill vary under circumstances.
Late Fee and InterestOne time late fee of $100 and 1.5% per month or highest contract rate allowed by law.
Costs and Attorneys’ FeesWill vary under circumstances.
IndemnificationWill vary under circumstances.
Franchise Advanced Website (optional) $25 – $100 monthly per site, depending on selected upgrades. 
Local Search Directory, Premium Level Service (optional) $100 setup, $65, per month. 
Local Email Account (optional) $25 set up, $5 per month. 

#3. Chem Dry Franchise For sale

Chem dry franchise for sale; We need to ensure any individual who chats with our recruiters gets the date and time the person in question needs to settle on a decent choice.

  1. Request More Information
  2. Meet and Greet Call
  3. Introductory Webinar
  4. Review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  5. Talks with Franchisees, Field Visits and Additional Research
  6. Sign Agreements

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