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Burger King franchise is a great chain in the inexpensive food industry, selling cheeseburgers, chicken, fries, onion rings, soda pops and treats. Past the standard toll, Burger King additionally offers breakfast things, servings of mixed greens, combo suppers, and children’s dinners, which can be obtained and appreciated available or utilizing a drive-through.

Burger King is focused on serving scrumptious, reasonable nourishment rapidly to its clients and frameworks a corporate duty plan on its site. In 1954, James McLamore and David Edgerton opened their first Burger King café.

After three years the Original “Whopper” sandwich was conceived. The organizers’ vision of giving “quality nourishment, served rapidly, at a sensible value” turned into a spearheading plan of action that helped shape the inexpensive food industry.

Roughly 90% of Burger King Restaurants are possessed and worked by free franchisees. Today, the Burger King framework works more than 11,300 eateries in 50 states and 69 nations.

#1. Burger King Franchise Opportunities

What are the burger king franchise Opportunities Burger King franchise proprietors are required to have total assets of $1,500,000, with $500,000 accessible in fluid resources. Establishment agreements keep going for a long time and are sustainable after that period.

Burger King offers gatherings, assessments, a great opening occasion, and a sans toll telephone number to call for issues to its establishment proprietors. Burger King easily runs across the nation, grant-winning publicizing efforts to keep up brand recognition.

#2. Burger King Franchise Cost

While starting franchise you should look for burger king franchise cost Are you excited about to know the cost of the burger king, then see cost table below:

  • Investment: $316,100 – $2,660,600
  • Net worth required: $1,500,000
  • Liquid capital required: $500,000

Burger King Franchise Cost Table

Estimated Investment Cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Franchise Fee$15,000$50,000
Travel and Living Expenses While Training$0$25,000
Real Property/ Occupancy Charge$90,000$850,000
burger king franchise Civil & Architectural Drawings / Professional Fees$10,000$45,000
Zoning Expenses$1,000$25,000
Improvements / Construction$25,000$1,100,000
Decor Package$0$95,000
Signage & Drive-Thru$3,000$166,000
Pre-Opening Wages$28,000$61,000
Opening Inventory$2,500$12,000
Cash and Inventory Control System$35,000$110,000
burger king Working Capital / Additional Funds$15,000$90,000
Business Licenses, Utility Deposits, Lease Deposits, and Payments$6,000$30,000
2-Story Interior PlaygroundN/A$245,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$323,100$3,283,600

2.   Other Cost:

Type of FeeAmount
Royalty4.5% of monthly gross sales.
burger king franchise Advertising4% of monthly gross sales.
Rent (where property leased from the franchisor)Varies.
Building Improvement Payments (certain BKLs only)$500 per month.
Service Desk Fee $190-$240 per year per restaurant. 
Late Charges/ InterestLesser of 18% per annum or the maximum rate allowed by Florida law.
Stamp Tax Currently $0.35 per $100. 
Transfer of InterestsThe amount of this fee depends on the number of restaurants or interests in restaurants that are being transferred in the transaction.
Application Fee$250 per individual applicant; Up to $5,000 per Corporate/Entity Franchise Application.
New Franchisee Training Fee$2,000
Entity or LLC FeesUp to $5,000 /Entity;also up to $1,000 / restaurant transferred to Entity or LLC.
burger king franchise Franchise Extension Fee$2,500 annually.
Investment Spending (marketing)Up to 2% of Gross Sales.
Sales Transfer Study$5,000 – $8,000 Per restaurant.
Sales Impact ContributionVaries.
Gift Card ServicesSet up fee: $40 for each restaurant. Transaction Fee: Estimated 1.8% of any redeemed sales, may increase or decrease no more than one time per year, the minimum and maximum Transaction Fee will be 0.5% and 3.5% of redeemed sales, respectively.
BK LINK/Support & Training Material$560 annually.
Digital Fee$25 per screen per month.
Miscellaneous Reimbursements, Purchases, ServicesVaries.
burger king franchise Follow Up Walk-Thru$1,500
One Time Cure FeeTRA: $5,000
MTRA: Balance of the franchise fee multiplied by the number of restaurants not developed pursuant to the schedule.
Site Re-approval Fee$5,000
Remodel Default PaymentsMonth to month sum equivalent to $4,000 increased by the quantity of eatery rebuilds that the franchisee neglects to opportune complete regarding the buy from the franchisor of those franchisor-possessed restaurants.
Deferred Remodel Default PaymentsRoyalty rate increases to 6% or 7.5% if the franchisee fails to complete the remodel to the franchisor’s specifications by the date specified in the agreement.
Audit ExpensesCost of audit.
burger king franchise IndemnityThe losses and expenses the franchisor incurs.
Costs and Attorneys’ FeesWill vary under circumstances.
Background Check Fee$280 – $15,000
BK McLamore Foundation Scholarship$1,000 per restaurant per year.

#3. Burger King Franchise For Sale

Given bellow process flow will help you for burger king franchise for sale

1). Ensure You Have Sufficient Capitalization: To open a Burger King franchise, you should have a total assets of more than $325,000. 

2). Appreciate The Estimated Investment Cost Required For A Restaurant Franchise: You should consider building and land costs, the expense of hardware and signs, the expenses of licenses and allows, the expense of outfits, the expense of protection, and so on.

3). Evaluate Your Related Knowledge And Qualities: You ought to completely assess your earlier business experience before applying to turn into a Burger King proprietor.

4). Assess Advertise Accessibility: You will need to take a look at the market accessibility for Burger King franchise and check whether there are accessible markets in your area of enthusiasm before continuing with the diversifying application.

5). Submit Your Application: Your application will be looked into by the Burger King group. You will be messaged an affirmation endless supply of your online application, where we will also give the contact subtleties of the franchise proprietor.

6). Receive Approval: You will get franchise approval once your money related and personal investigations are finished. approval might be given to applicants who meet every one of the requirements of franchise proprietors.

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