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This is a great option of Big O Tires franchisee, In this post, You will get big o tires franchise for sale | Cost, Fee, Opportunity All information to start your Big O Tire Franchise. If you are looking for an open new store, or convert your exciting store, or explore possibilities for taking ownership.

Big O Tire is created by a group which are progressive independent tire dealers who worked together to meet the demands of an exploding automobile service market. Big O Tire foundation is given to member for the strategy and resources necessary to stay ahead in changing vehicle population, and build up to long term success for this brand

The franchise is offering franchisors for the operation of retails stores selling, servicing tire and related automotive product in the market.

#1. Big O Tire Franchise Opportunities

Big o Tire franchise provide two business models Big O Tire Franchise Opportunities:

  1. Product Distribution Franchise
  2. Business Format Franchise

Big O Tire is proud to be a world-class leader in the automotive industry, and they are ever-expanding their market in the automotive industry. They gives Opportunity for part of member of Big O Tire family.

Also, they provide many Support to the franchisor:

  • Site selection/ Development
  • Training Support
  • Store merchandising
  • Inventory management
  • Recommended retail pricing/model stock program
  • Five-step VIP Service approach to customer retention
  • A franchise business consultant
  • Credit card program
  • Market intelligence
  • IT – computers, software, email

#2. Big O Tires Franchise Cost

To become family member of Big O Tire franchise Cost is follow by bellow:

1.   Initial investments: $260,200 – $1,137,428

2.   Net-worth Requirement: $300,000

3.   Liquid Cash Requirement: $100,000

  • Investment Cost:
Estimated Investment cost
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$0$30,000
Initial Training – Fees, Travel & Lodging Expenses$1,000$7,800
Real Estate Leases Cost (One to Three Months’ Rent Plus Security Deposit)$24,000$68,000
Equipment, Fixtures and Other Fixed Assets Cost$100,000$235,000
Construction, Remodeling, Leasehold improvements and Decorating Costs$25,000$350,000
Signs Cost$10,000$50,000
Grand Opening Advertising Cost$10,000$50,000
Initial Inventory Fee$55,000$125,000
Insurance and Other Security Cost (3 months)$3,000$5,500
Computer Hardware and Software Cost$18,000$27,000
Non-Recurring Pre-opening Costs$5,000$35,000
Additional Funds (up to 12 months)$50,000$150,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$311,000$1,133,300
  • Other fee:
Type of FeeAmount
Royalty (Product Distribution Franchises)2% of each month’s Gross Sales.
“Local Fund” for advertising and related expendituresA minimum of 4% of each month’s Gross Sales, subject to increases or reductions in certain cases (currently reduced to a minimum of 3.6% based on certain marketing programs).
National Marketing FeeCurrently set 0.9% of each month’s Gross Sales (raised from the amount of 0.25% while certain marketing programs are in effect).
National Auto Service Warranty and Roadside Assistance PlanCurrently $75 per store, per month, but can be changed by vendor.
Tire Protection Plan Service Contract Administration Fee (TPP Fee) $.60 per tire. 
Consumer Liability Insurance Policy Fee (CLIP Fee) $.22 per tire. 
Point of Purchase PackagesNot more than $1,500 per year, as adjusted each year in accordance with Big O policies.
Market Reservation FeeWill vary by circumstances, but generally will be in the range of $2,500 to $6,000.
Retail Accounting Centres (RAC)Varies based on services provided, but not less than $200 per month.
National Fleet Accounts Administrative FeesVaries, currently up to 15% of Gross Sales to certain National Fleet Account Customers
AMRA Motorist Assurance Program Fees and DuesCurrently $1.00 per year, but subject to change.
Transfer Fees$5,000 upon a transfer involving an assignment of the Franchise Agreement or a change in control. If the transfer does not involve an assignment of the Franchise Agreement or a change in control, the transfer fee is equal to Big O’s expenses relating to the transfer up to $1,500.
Insurance Administrative Surcharge10% of cost of insurance.
Interest on Late PaymentsLesser of 18% per annum or maximum rate of interest allowed by law.
Successor Franchise Administration FeeVaries.
Real Estate Rental and FeesPayable to the franchisor if it owns or lease the store location and it leases, subleases or assign it to the franchisee.
Training FeesWill vary.
Training Fees (TBC University)No charge during the first partial year until the next March 31; charges may apply in future years.
National Convention Registration FeeVaries depending on location and cost of the national convention. The most recent national convention fee was $325 per adult. Occasionally such fees have been waived for early registration or in conjunction with meeting certain sales targets.
Resale Fee$5,000
Products and ServicesWill vary.
DST End User Software License Agreement FeesAmount per store:
1. One-time Fees:
a. License fee: $1,000
b. Installation fee: $1,500
c. Conversion fee: $500
d. Store Training and On-Site Go-Live Support Fees: $5,500-$6,500 (for 5 days of training that also covers typical travel, lodging and meals expenses)
2. Monthly Maintenance and Support: $219 per month, which may be raised in accordance with the DST End User Software License Agreement.
QuickBooks Accounting Integration Fees
a. QuickBooks License – Premier Accountant Edition – $500
b. QuickBooks License – Enterprise Edition – $1,500 per year
c. QuickBooks Training – $1,300
d. QuickBooks Setup on Store Server – $150
e. QuickBooks Support during Integration – $1,000
f. QuickBooks Creating Beginning Balances – $850
Fees for Miscellaneous AssistanceWill vary.
IndemnificationWill vary under circumstances.
Costs and Attorneys’ FeesWill vary under circumstances.
Audit feesWill vary under circumstances.
BondVaries; actual amount determined by the franchisee’s Local Group.
Rebill ChargeCurrently 0.69% to 19.9% of the price of the tires purchased (or up to 36.64% for trailer tires), subject to change.
InterestThe franchisor may charge the franchisee interest on various loans or other advances.
Product Transfer Payment and Administrative FeeProduct Transfer Payment: The difference between the price paid by a BFF Store and the price that would have been paid by a PDF Store;
Administrative Fee: $500 per occurrence of incorrect reporting of a product transfer
Regional Funding Plan FeeVaries, currently in the range of $0.10 to $1.65 per tire, depending on the RDC and the location of the purchaser
Manual Processing FeesVaries, not to exceed $75 per occurrence.

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#3. Big O Tires Franchise For Sale

To sale of Big O Tires Franchise For Sale, You should be ensuring Investment cost, Space, qualification, Etc. On the given bellow information you can get more information and start your franchise.

1.Big O Tires regions of the Availability

 2.Big O Tires Franchise Info

3. Big O Tires Owner Testimonials

4.Big O Tires website

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