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If you are looking for Anytime Fitness Franchise For Sale; Cost, Fee, Opportunity In this article you will get all information about the franchise.

Day by day Fitness is a more important thing in daily life, so Anytime a franchise is one of the best options for Fitness. Anytime Fitness franchise system consists of Fitness centers providing convenient access to one on one and small or large group training. Anytime Fitness franchise also offers the opportunity to open one more limited franchise express center.

The franchise has developed an access and security allow to Fitness member to access any center of Anytime Fitness center fo 24-Hour a day. It also provides automated training, vending services, and reciprocal benefits. In limited cases, centers are not allowed to accessible fo 24-Hour a day.

#1. Anytime Fitness Business Opportunities

Anytime Fitness Business opportunities in business, making excellent success market.

  • Support from franchise: Purchasing Co-ops, Newsletter, Meetings/Conventions, Toll-Free Line, Grand Opening, Online Support, Security/Safety Procedures, Field Operations, Site Selection, Proprietary Software, Franchisee Intranet Platform
  • Marketing support For Franchise:  Ad Templates, Regional Advertising, Social media, SEO, Website Development, Email Marketing, Loyalty program/app
  • Classroom training: 72 hours

#2. Anytime Fitness Franchise Cost

To Start Anytime Franchise the initial investment Anytime Fitness Franchise Cost is approx. Low – $76,720 High – $521,437.

  1. Investment cost:
Estimated Initial Investment
Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise/ Development Fee$3,150$42,500
Travel and Living Expenses While Training Cost$413$2,750
Real Estate and Improvements Cost$20,706$207,130
Architect/Design Fees$1,200$9,000
Fitness Equipment Cost$16,417$116,471
Technology Solutions (Equipment Package) Colst$3,968$36,399
First Aid Equipment Cost$210$1,400
Interior Signs Cost$516$3,925
Outside Signs Cost$825$5,500
Miscellaneous Opening Costs$609$6,428
Pre-Sale/Grand Opening Advertising Cost$1,755$17,700
Insurance Cost$398$2,750
Supplies and Furniture Cost$675$4,500
Legal and Accounting Expenses Cost$500$4,500
Additional Funds – 3 months Cost$7,528$60,484
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$58,870$521,437

Anytime Fitness Franchise Cost/Fee

Type of FeeAmount
Monthly CostCurrently:1-3 centers: $699 per center
4-9 centers: $699 per center
10+ centers: $649 per center
$449 per month for Anytime Fitness Express centers.
General Advertising CostCurrently, $600 per month, beginning when franchisees open their center; $300 per month for an Anytime Fitness Express center.
Grand Opening and Ramp Up Program Fee$11,000 to $23,000 for an Anytime Fitness center.
Base Technology CostCurrently:1-3 centers: $799 per center
4-9 centers: $649 per center
10+ centers: $599 per center
$720 per month for Anytime Fitness Express centers.
The franchisor reserves the right to periodically increase this fee.
Construction Document Cost$2,700
Training Suite CostCurrently:1-3 centers: $149 per center
4-9 centers: $109 per center
10+ centers: $109 per center
for the first 9 centers, and $0
for each additional center thereafter
The franchisor reserves the right to periodically increase this fee; however the franchisor will not increase this fee to more than $300 per center per month.
Training Suite Registration FeeCurrently, $250 per person.
On-Site Training Suite Registration Fee$6,000 for one owner, for a total of 21 attendees.
$4,500 per for two owners, with up to a total of 21 attendees.
$3,500 per for three owners, for a total of 21 attendees.
On-Site Training Cancellation Fees The then-current fee, which may vary based upon the type of scheduled training and how far in advance the franchisee cancels the training. 
No Show Fees Currently, $500, or the actual costs of rescheduling travel, whichever is greater. 
Healthy Contributions Reimbursement Program – Initial FeesCurrently, no cost for set-up of the first Reimbursement Program, and $20 for each additional Reimbursement Program. Also, currently, $1.50 initial member fee for each member the franchisee enrolls on the Healthy Contributions website, and $3 for each member enrolled by Healthy Contributions.
Healthy Contributions Reimbursement Program – Ongoing FeesCurrently $5 per Reimbursement Program per month, and a transaction fee of $0.15 per reimbursement if sent directly to the member or to the franchisee and $0.30 if the franchisee applies it to the member’s fees.
Charitable Contribution Cost$100 per month.
Inspection FeeGenerally $50-$100
Peer Compliance Default FeeUp to $1,000 per violation.
Standard Default FeeUp to $250 per violation.
Additional AssistanceCurrently, $500 per day plus travel costs.
Marketing MaterialsVariable, but currently cost plus shipping.
Conference FeeCurrently, $439 for early registration increasing to $659 at the Conference.
Participation FeeUp to $1,200 for each year the franchisee fails to complete 1,200 continuing education credits (CEC), as outlined in the Operations Manual.
Customer Service WebinarCurrently, $250
Renewal Fee$4,500, reduced to $4,000 if the franchisor receives the fee, and all the franchisee’s signed renewal documents, at least 30 days before the franchise expires.
Transfer Fee$7,500 – $12,000
Relocation Fee$1,500
Liquidated Damages$10,000
Insurance/Bond Handling FeesCurrently, $100
Costs and Attorneys’ FeesWill vary under circumstances.
InterestThe lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum rate allowable by applicable law.
IndemnificationWill vary under circumstances.
Re-sale Assistance Program$549, plus $79 per month until the business is sold or the franchisee decides to terminate his or her participation in the program. The franchisee also pays a commission of up to 5% of the sale price, depending on the amount of the sale price.
Lease Renegotiation Program5% of any lease savings the franchisor achieves for the franchisee.
Club Enhancement Program$500 per month.
Digital Marketing ProgramCurrently, actual costs of media purchases, subject to a minimum of $350 per month, administrative charge of 20%, initial set up fee, currently, $300. 3-month initial commitment is required.
Local Marketing Spend $600, $800 or $1,000 per month, depending on the franchisee’s market tier; no minimum for an Anytime Fitness Express center

#3. Anytime Fitness Franchise For Sale

If you want to sale of Anytime Fitness Franchise For Sale, Here is Contact no and Email Id to fill the application form.

Application Form

After a few days, if you shortlist then, the Franchise representative will contact you other procedures.

Please check below to contact no for more information about owning an Anytime Fitness franchise:

Contact Details

Call us on 011-45402260 or email

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